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Ocunovis BioHAnce Gel Eye Drops

Ocunovis™ BioHAnce™ Gel Eye Drops go beyond typical solutions. They're the only eye drops for pets made with a patented, crosslinked hyaluronic acid (HA) technology that enhances their duration and activity. HA is a naturally occurring molecule in your pet's body that works as a natural lubricant. They're proven to dramatically improve the symptoms of dry eye when given twice a day compared to the standard eye drops available.*

They provide advanced hydration to give your pet long-term comfort with fewer applications needed from you. Unlike human drops, they are specifically made for the ocular surface of your pet's eyes. Millions of doses of BioHAnce technology have been sold to veterinarians.**

  • Only gel eye drops with patented HA: Unlike Optixcare eye lube, Ocunovis contains a patented hyaluronic (HA) polymer gel technology. This technology is one of the only lubricating eye drops with masked clinical studies.
  • Millions of doses of BioHAnce technology have been sold to veterinarians*
  • Clinically proven: The only non-prescription lubricating eye drops with masked clinical studies demonstrating effectiveness as artificial tears in dogs by dramatically improving the symptoms associated with dry eye.** (Ocunovis does not treat or cure the underlying causes of dry eye. It helps alleviate symptoms of dry eye by providing enhanced hydration and lubrication.)
  • Engineered for busy pet parents: Longer duration means fewer applications; "not too thin, not too watery" consistency is easy to control and apply accurately
  • Less glob on your pet's eyes: Unlike some products that contain multiple viscous ingredients that create a "glob" of product when applied, Ocunovis creates a sheer, aqueous barrier with no blurring to enhance the comfort of your pet
  • 30-Day Supply: 1 Drop 2x Daily, 5 Milliliter Bottle with 125 Drops
  • Developed and manufactured in the United States
  • 100% naturally occurring ingredients: No preservatives or synthetic additives that cause pain or stinging
  • For Use In: Dogs and Cats

*Represents the various eye and wound care products under various brands globally that incorporated the corresponding version of the patented BioHAnce technology.
**Williams DL, Mann BK (2014) Efficacy of a Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid-Based Hydrogel as a Tear Film Supplement: A Masked Controlled Study. PLoS ONE 9(6): e99766. pone.0099766

More Info

For use on non-infected superficial ocular wounds, traumatic injuries, incisions and ulcerations in the eyes of dogs and cats.

Directions for Use:

Apply 1 gel drop to each eye as little as 2x daily.
  1. Carefully remove cap.
  2. Apply 1 gel drop into affected eye(s).
  3. Place directly onto your dog's eyes. The natural movement of the eyelid will distribute the drops over the eye surface.
  4. Don't touch the tip of the container to any surface to avoid contamination or injury.
  5. Replace cap securely after use.

Each gel drop provides a sheer coating that protects and hydrates the eye surface with every blink — no thick glob on your pet's eyes.

WARNING: For animal use only.

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All ingredients are naturally occurring in the body and do not cause pain or stinging when applied.

  • Water
  • BioHAnce Hyaluronic Acid (0.40%)
  • BioSalts
    • Sodium Chloride
    • Disodium Phosphate
    • Potassium Chloride
    • Potassium Phosphate

Contains no preservatives or excipients that may be irritating to the eye. Free of antibiotics and steroids.