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Omega Alpha Horse Supplements

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Omega Alpha Adren-FX is formulated to restore hormonal balance and normalize sugar levels in horses. This supplement includes a unique blend of all-natural ingredients that affect your horse's blood sugar. A healthy blood sugar level is essential in horse health and hormonal imbalance can cause bad temperment and disobedience. Using this supplement can counteract these effects before important events and reduce their occurance in general.

Omega Alpha Arden-FX is in a liquid form to help horses better absorb its active ingredients which in turn makes it more effective. This bottle comes with 32 ounces of the fluid to ensure that you have enough to keep your horse healthy. Order today to improve behavior and health!

Key Features:
  • Normalizes blood sugar level
  • Restores hormonal balance to improve behavior and mood
  • 32oz bottle of liquid supplement
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