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Meet Otis, The Remarkable Rottweiler

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Rottweiler
Location Michigan
Human Alana
Story Otis was born in Detroit in 2012 and found about two months later by his first rescue group. He was adopted by a new family, but after 6 months they decided to dump him back at a different rescue. Alana, Otis’ human, saw his photo on a rescue page and immediately knew that he was the right dog. She rushed to fill out an application and schedule an appointment to meet him. On Friday May 3rd 2013, Alana met Otis and fell in love with him. When Otis arrived home, Alana noticed how timid and scared he was. She couldn’t raise her arm to throw a ball or Otis would tremor and buckle to the ground. It was clear that Otis needed help and encouragement to overcome a terrible past. Through time, patience, and devotion - Alana helped Otis overcome his past traumas to be a faithful four-legged companion.
A few months passed before something both peculiar and remarkable started happening. Alana noticed that Otis would become antsy and nervous when her blood sugars were low. After turning to a community and researching diabetic alert dogs, it was clear that Otis had a bigger calling. A year later, Otis is a transformed dog. He is smart and always happy, staying alert for his owner. Alana knows that Otis was her furry savior, and she looks forward to many more years with this loyal and loving friend.

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