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  5. Over th Rainbow (10.5"x14")


Over th Rainbow (10.5"x14")

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Happy Beaks Toy Help beat boredom the bird-approved way with the Super Bird Creations Peacock Senior Bird Toy. Your feathered pal will love the totally chewable fun of the colorful wooden beads, pine slats and gnawable strings. He can climb and perch on the toy, explore the different textures, and chew on the pieces, satisfying his chewing instinct and providing much-needed mental and physical stimulation to keep him healthy. Best of all, it's made of bird-safe materials so it's great for everyday chewing, and can be easily strung vertically with the quick-link connector and heavy duty chain.

Key Features:

  • Designed for birds to explore, exercise and chew on, with bird-safe materials great for everyday use.
  • Variety of textures and colors will keep your pal engaged in play, while satisfying his chewing instinct.
  • Perfect to relieve stress and boredom in medium to large birds like African greys, amazons, eclectus, small cockatoos and mini macaws.
  • Provides daily mental stimulation and physical exercise to keep your pal fit and healthy.
  • Quick-link connector and heavy duty chain makes it easy to hang from most cages for easy toy access for your pal.
  • Exterior Dimensions: 10.5"x14"

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