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Cover Any Offending Odors When Thereís Not Time for Bath Time

Newly formulated Doggie Fragrance Strawberry Lemonade Spray (5 oz) is an essential for your grooming arsenal for those times when your dog isnít smelling very fresh, but you are too busy to take the time for bathing.

Created by Pet Head, Doggie Fragrance is made from gentle, low-chemical ingredients that will make you want to share the spray with your dog.

A little spray is all it takes to disguise any strong dog odor, including the common wet dog smell. Extend time between baths and save yourself the time and energy it sometimes takes to bathe your dog by giving Fido a once over with Doggie Fragrance.

  • Free from sulfates, petroleum derivatives, and other harsh chemicals
  • Hides any offending odor when you donít have time to shampoo your dog
  • Made in the USA
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