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Pet Naturals


Pet Naturals is the go-to brand when it comes to pet supplements that help your pets live healthier and happier lives. Pet Naturals of Vermont is committed to producing only the purest and most reliable formulas for pet chews and tabs that combat common pet ailments.

One of our most popular products are the Pet Naturals Calming Chews for cats and dogs. These tasty and all natural treats help alleviate stress and nervousness in animals, without affecting their personality or energy. Other popular supplements include the Pet Naturals Hip and Joint chew, Pet Naturals Hairball chews, and Pet Naturals L-Lysine chews.

Whatever supplement you need, you can rest assured that they meet the highest standards of quality control and are evaluated for the highest quality, purity, and potency.



Hip and Joint

Probiotics & Digestion

Urine Odor & Lawn Burn

Skin + Coat

UT Support

Breath Bites

Clean Scat



Flea and Tick Supplies

Superfood Treats