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Pet of the Year Contest

2012 Pet of the Year

Mixed Breed


Penny Ake

Meet Johnny Stache, known around the house as Mr. Stache. Mr. Stache is only 12 weeks old but has already become quite the man of the house. He quickly let it be known that he would take no nonsense from the yappy Jack Russell or Chihuahua mix in the house! Mr. Stache isn't a fancy purebred cat, ....See More

Johnny Stache won a $100 gift card plus these goodies from our sponsors:

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Honorable Mention

Mixed Breed

San Leandro, CA

Mark Pringle

My wife and I bought a half-poodle, half-maltese puppy about 6 months ago off of Craigslist. The previous owner said that the puppy had received his shots, so we took her word for it and did not ask for proof. Unfortunately, after we paid for the puppy and brought him home, we found out that he had Parvo...See More

Cocker Spaniel

Joppa, Maryland

Marty Taylor

This is four year old Cocker Spaniel. Four years ago my 16 year old "Poppy" had to be put down after suffering from a long illness. I walked out of the Vetís office sobbing uncontrollably over what had just... happened when out of nowhere a woman in a van pulled up next to me and asked... See More



Diane Zeivel

Monster is a very special cat. He just turned 19 years old in July and has no issues telling me what his needs and wants are. We have been through some very trying times over the years with some major medical issues but he always pulls through. His name has given him a reputation that he does not deserve during some hospital stays...See More