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How to Travel with Pets Sensibly and Safely

How to Travel with Pets Sensibly and Safely

Going on a vacation with your pet can be extremely enjoyable for both owners and pets alike; however, long road trips can be extremely stressful. You should take adequate care to ensure that your pet is not traumatized and does not become ill or suffer an injury while traveling. With thoughtful planning and preparation, you can ensure that your pet has a comfortable and safe journey. Some of the most important things that need attention before embarking on a road trip with your pet are discussed below.

Get Your Pet Vaccinated

Consult your vet regarding your travel plans and ask his advice regarding the types of vaccinations that your pet should undergo. This becomes all the more essential if at any point in time your pet needs to be kept in a kennel, as kennels usually place the animals in close proximity which increases their risk of infection. Even if you are not planning on a kennel stay, it is always advisable to keep your petís vaccinations up-to-date to reduce the chance of your pet suffering from any contagious diseases. Make sure that you are aware of the timescale involved in administering the vaccinations and the time taken for the immunity to develop. It is also wise to check out the rules and regulations of the country you are visiting.

Preparing the Kennel

If you are intending to transport your pet in a crate, you need to ensure that it is of the right size such that it allows enough room for your pet to stand without the top hitting his head and to move around comfortably. Do not assume that the crate you have previously used will do, as your pet may have grown considerably since then. Carry out the checks well before you embark on your trip so as to allow enough time to get yourself a new crate, if necessary. Also make sure that you can fit the crate on the back seat of your car or else the entire effort will be wasted.

Using Seat Belts Properly

If you are planning to take your dog on holiday and not carry it in a crate, you may wish to seat your dog in the back seat; but itís essential to use a securing harness that is akin to a seat belt and that is equipped with a clip that locks into your seat belt socket to ensure that your pooch is safe and secure at all times. If you are thinking of making your dog sit in the front seat, be sure to check out the local regulations of the state and country in which you are traveling. There are some that do not permit animals to sit in the front. In any case, accommodating your pet in the back seat is more comfortable for them and often allows them to sit or spread out with less discomfort.

Keep Your Pet Calm and Hydrated

However much your pet seems to enjoy car rides, extended travel can cause him to experience unexpected levels of stress. Ensure that you bring articles along that are familiar to provide a source of comfort to your pup so that he is less stressed out. These items could range from a simple toy or blanket to a bone that will keep your dog engaged. Remember that your pet will get dehydrated as easily as you do while travelling, so make it a point to carry enough water; and donít forget to pack your pupís favorite brand of pet food to keep him happy. Carry the usual medicines to treat your pet and adequate litter supplies to keep the car clean and tidy.

About the Author

Sujain is a travel and vacation consultant. An avid wildlife enthusiast, she has also written a number of online articles on the attractions of Tadoba National Park and has reviewed a wide selection of Tadoba accommodation.