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PetArmor Shampoo for Dogs Hawaiian Ginger, 18-oz

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PetArmor Shampoo for Dogs Hawaiian Ginger for Dogs kills fleas & ticks for up to 10 days. Kills the ticks that may carry lyme disease. pH balanced for pet's coat. Cleans, deodorizes and conditions.

Key Features:

  • Oatmeal Hawaiian Ginger fragrance.
  • Kills fleas and ticks for up to 10 days.
  • pH balanced for skin and coat health.
  • Kills the ticks that may carry Lyme disease.
  • Contains oatmeal to sooth irritated and dry skin.


Permethrin, Piperonyl butoxide

Useful Information

Wet dog's coat thoroughly. Pour Sentry Flea & Tick Shampoo for dogs and puppies with oatmeal into the cup of your hand. Starting at the head and working back, work up a lather with this quick lathering formula, being sure that the lather is worked thoroughly into the dog's coat down to the skin. Allow lather to stand five minutes, then rinse completely and towel dry. It should not be necessary to repeat the shampoo application unless the animal is excessively dirty. Kills fleas fast and begins to kill ticks within 1 to 2 days; reaching maximum effectiveness in 7 to 10 days. To maintain maximum effectiveness against both flea and ticks, repeat every week. Cats that actively groom or engage in close physical contact with treated dog may be at risk of serious harmful effect.


Causes moderate eye irritation. Do not get in eyes or on clothing. Harmful if swallowed. Harmful if absorbed through skin. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling and before eating, drinking, chewing gum, using tobacco, or using the toilet. Remove and wash contaminated clothing before reuse. For external use on dogs only. Individual sensitivities, while rare, may occur after using any pesticide product on dogs. Certain medications can interact with pesticides. Do not treat your dog with more than one pesticide product at a time. Over dosing your dog can result in serious illness and even death. Consult a veterinarian before using on medicated, debilitated, aged, pregnant or nursing dogs. Consult a veterinarian before using on dogs with known organ dysfunction. If your dog is exhibiting signs of and/or is being treated for skin dermatitis, talk to your veterinarian before applying any topical flea and tick control product.

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