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PetArmor for Dogs & Cats features the #1 active ingredient used in veterinarian recommended flea and tick treatments such as the popular Frontline brand at an affordable price! If youíve been fighting an eternal war with pesky bugs, then you already know about fipronil. For the unseasoned warriors, fipronil is the best weapon you can bet on for these battles.

What is fipronil and how does it work? Fipronil is a neurotoxin that targets the central nervous systems of parasites. In this case, as a topical treatment, it is typically paired with an oil to easily spread across the skin and eventually make its way to the hair follicles to catch every single insect no matter how hidden they think they are. Once in contact with it, the pests will become paralyzed and eventually die. They often fall to their demise before they can even bite into your pet, so this prevents your furry friend from catching any ugly transmitted diseases they carry such as Lyme disease from ticks!

Donít worry about poisoning your pet. Fipronil specifically targets central nervous system of insects and as youíve read above, itís very toxic to those little bugs. On the other hand, it is safe for mammals including us and our animal companions with the correct dosage.

You can count on this fast and effective treatment to get rid of not only fleas and ticks, but also chewing lice! Scarcoptic mange causes extreme discomfort in your pets. This condition develops when mites burrow through the skin, causing irritation and itching. The itching can get so bad that all the scratching will cause rashes, flaking dry skin and major hair loss in the afflicted area. Luckily, an application of PetArmor will kill your petís chewing lice to prevent any further skin damage and control scarcoptic mange!

PetArmor for Dogs & Cats