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PetLock Plus Flea & Tick for Dogs and Cats

PetLock Plus for Dogs is a monthly topical treatment to for flea and tick infestations on your canine that features the same active ingredients found in the top seller, Frontline at a fraction of the cost! Fipronil and (s)-methoprene are the prime pair of ingredients for flea and tick medications. Theyíre just so effective! While fipronil kills the adult pests, s-methoprene is an insect growth regulator that prevents the young eggs and larvae from growing until they die. By eliminating all life stages of fleas and ticks, reinfestation is guaranteed to be prevented. Donít forget about chewing lice, mosquitos and mites. PetLock Plus works to kill and repel them as well to provide the best protection your dog deserves.

While most flea and tick treatments only kill all life stages of fleas, PetLock Plus for Dogs also targets all life stage of ticks. Thatís right! Tick eggs and larvae will also die with this medication. Itís important to keep your canine protected from ticks in particular since theyíre well known to carry and transmit nasty diseases such as Lyme diseases, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis and more! You wonít have to worry about them re-emerging on your pet after killing them at every life stage.

One application of PetLock Plus provides long lasting protection for up to an entire month! Donít worry about it washing off either. The PetLock Plus formula is waterproof and wonít budge with water exposure once it has dried and absorbed into your furry friend. Feel free to give your dog a bath or go for a swim together! This medication is economical compared to the top selling brands and with how fast it works what more can you ask for in a flea and tick treatment? Get the best for your pet today with PetLock Plus.