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SeaYu Enterprises, Inc. loves animals and cares about the world we live in. We know first hand that every pet lover needs a quick, powerful and convenient solution to pet odor problems. That's why we've carefully developed the safest, most effective, pet cleanup system you'll find anywhere. Completely free of harsh chemicals - and personally tested on our own home. All natural. Fur friendly. Kid safe. And able to stand up to any pet cleanup or odor challenge even skunk.


Clean & Green Furniture Refresher, Odor Eliminator, Cleaner and Stain Remover for Cats (16 oz) by SeaYu

Cleans and removes stains and odors from cat cleanup problems on fabric, upholstery and bedding surfaces. For urine accidents, use the Cat Bedding product.

Clean & Green Odor Eliminator's powerful Advanced Eliminator3 Formula encapsulates and naturally cleans and eliminates odors and stains. Accelerating nature's very own process of biodegradation without any polymers or artificial bacteria, the patented Petrotech process encapsulates the source of the problem, and continues working until the source of the problem is completely eliminated.

More Info

Advance Eliminator3 Formula(TM)
Cleaner Yes
Stain Remover Yes
Odor Eliminator Yes
Technology Encapsulation - Patented
Delivery System Aerosol - high performance
Manufacturing Origin United States

Safe & Eco Friendly
Non-toxic Yes
Non-flammable Yes
Non-corrosive Yes
Non-carcinogenic Yes
Eco Friendly Propellant 100% Nitrogen (*)
Hydrocarbon Solvents None
Isoprophyl Alcohol None
Oxidizers None
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) None

* Nitrogen makes up 78% of the earth's atmospheric volume.
Powerful and Effective Professional strength. Used by pet and cleaning professionals. Exclusive Patented Encapsulation Technology and Advanced Eliminator Formula.
Quick and Easy
Works on contact. Just spray - no need to soak, scrub or rinse.
Safe and Eco Friendly
Safe on all water-safe surfaces. Environmentally Responsible Formulation: non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, non-carcinogenic and 100% biodegradable.

More Info

All Natural Yes
Ingredients Cane sugar derivatives, proprietary blend of plant extracts, deionized water and nitrogen
Ingredient Grade Cosmetic
Ozone Safe Yes
Water Soluable Yes
Biodegradable Yes
Fragrances/Perfumes None
Masking Agents None
Frost Inhibitors None

Shake can before spraying. Spray a hidden area first to test for color fastness.
1. Remove the bed or pillow covering from> 2. Spray on affected surface until damp, but not soaked.
3. Allow area to dray.
1. Spray on affected areas until damp, but not soaked.
2. Use a dry cloth and wipe the leather dry.
For deep-set odor or pet accidents, use CLEAN+GREEN CARPET & UPHOLSTERY.
No need to soak or scrub. Just make sure product comes in contact with problem source.
CAREFUL:Spraying the can at an angle greater than 60 may release all the propellant and cause can to stop spraying.