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Pets From The Glitz & Glamour

Celebrities love pets. This is true. Celebrities often create trends through their love for pets as exampled by Paris Hilton and her pet fashion line, Little Lily. Pets are dressed and accessorized as well as their celebrity owners. Bringing your pet to the red carpet status is easier than you think as Entirely Pets feature the best pet boutique products available!

Jessica Alba Pets: Sid (Pug) & Nancy (Pug)
Sin City and Fantastic Four star Jessica has claimed the title of Sexiest Woman in the World numerous times over. While men are drawn to Jessica, Jessica is drawn to her two pugs, Sid and Nancy. Jessica does just about everything with her dogs, from having lunch, to shopping for new clothes, to lounging on the beach.
Jessica actively encourages being eco-friendly. You can do the same by using all-natural, organic products that are offered by Sitka's Organics.
The colder months of the year give Jessica the chance to keep her pugs fashionably warm with items like the East Side Collection Collar Muffler.

Eva Longoria-Parker Pets: Jinxy (Maltese)

If you're connected with Eva Longoria, you're no stranger to public relations. Many know her husband, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker. Even Eva's Maltese, Jinxy, has claimed the status of Hollywood's Best Groomed Pet. This isn't a big surprise as Eva and her dog always look fabulous when walking the red carpet!
Eva prides herself in keeping Jinxy looking pure white. The odds are pretty high that she uses tear stain supplements like Optimex to get the job done.
Jinxy can also smell fabulous with the Sexy Beast Canine Fragrance.

Miley Cyrus Pets: Roadie (Yorkie), Loco (Shih Tzu)
If the words Hannah Montana don't ring a bell, you've probably been living under a rock for the last two years. Miley Cyrus has reached astronomical popularity with her hit Disney show and concert performances. When she's not busy onstage or on-camera, Miley relaxes with her two dogs Roadie and Loco. Roadie and Loco had their own 15 minutes of fame when they were named top dogs by Animal Fair magazine.
Every celebrity likes to keep a low profile with a sleek pair of shades; Miley's dogs can do the same with Doggles, the protective eyewear for dogs.
Miley travels with her pets quite a bit and their comfort isn't sacrificed with the Meowme SleepyPod Mobile Pet Bed.

Jessica Biel Pets: Tina (Pit Bull), East (Bulldog)
Jessica carries her own weight in star-power as her current mate is music superstar Justin Timberlake. From teen movies to fighting vampires, Jessica continues to develop a diverse film repertoire. Jessica's leisure time involves plenty of athletic activities and her choice in pets is alike with her pit bull Tina and bulldog East.
Jessica plays hard with her pets, Tina and East. To keep them in great shape, Jessica depends on high impact toys like the Ballistic Dog Ball Blasters.
Tough pets can still look great with the Bamboo Grooming & Nail Care Products.

Charlize Theron Pets: Denver (Cocker Spaniel)
Oscar winner Charlize Theron is one of the most versatile actresses in the business. Hailing from South Africa, Charlize has performed in a wide variety of roles, Owning a multitude of dogs is right up her alley. Charlize's best known dog is Denver, a Cocker Spaniel whom she frequently walks near her home in Malibu, California.
When Charlize takes Denver down to the beach, she can have fun and give treats to Denver with the Otis and Claude Bettie Fetch Toy.
Charlize often travels all around the world and if she needs to bring Denver along, the Pet Flys Fashionable Pet Carrier is the solution.

Jessica Simpson Pets: Daisy (Maltipoo)

Actress and singer Jessica Simpson had a memorable moment during her reality show when she questioned whether or not Chicken of the Sea was made of tuna. Jessica might have triggered a trend towards tuna but owning an up-and-coming dog breed, the Maltipoo (a mixed breed Maltese and Poodle) might just be a coincidence.
Jessica and Daisy both enjoy being pampered and Daisy can have the comfort that comes with the Otis and Claude Sleep Bed.
It's not quite the chicken of the sea but Liver Biscotti makes a perfect casual treat for Daisy, anyplace, anytime.
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