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Pheromones are compounds that are naturally secreted by animals so that they can communicate with members of the same species. During lactation, for example, cats and dogs secrete a pheromone that reassures their offspring. Similarly, cats secrete facial pheromones which they deposit in known places in order to mark a familiar and secure territory.

Today the Ceva pheromone products offer is scientifically proven with 42 published clinical studies with Feliway or Adaptil (in 2014) and is supported by world-renowned behavioral experts including leading veterinarian universities, practitioners and specialists.

Did you know?

Stressful behavior caused by loud noises is very common in dogs. Luckily, we have a solution that can help dogs stay calm when loud noises occur. ADAPTIL® for Dogs mimics the canine-appeasing pheromone dogs know from birth that is clinically proven* to help reduce or eliminate unwanted behaviors associated with the fear of loud noises.

dog electric diffuser

Dog Pheromone Electric Diffuser

If you've ever been scared by loud, unexpected noises, know that your pet is much more sensitive to them than you are.

Pheromone spray for dogs

Pheromone Spray for Dogs

Adaptil (DAP) Dog Appeasing Pheromone Spray helps stop or prevent fear and stress-related behavior in puppies and adult dogs.

Collar Pheromone

Collar Pheromone

ADAPTIL (DAP) Collar contains DAP and offers a natural and convenient way to help manage stress-related behavior in your dog.

Did you know?

Stressful situations that can cause this unwanted behavior includes moving to a new home, not having enough litter boxes around the house, cat conflict between housemates and your cat seeing strange cats outdoors.


Pheromone Diffuser

This fantastic new pheromone Feliway diffuser duplicates the smell of a cat's natural scent glands.


Feliscratch for Cats

Feliscratch by Feliway® is a simple answer to your cat's inappropriate scratching in the home.


Feliway Spray for Cats

Create a state of familiarity and security in the cat's local environment.

How to Live Happy Together with Your New Pet

Adopting a dog or cat into your family means lots of changes for everyone involved, especially your pet. A new environment and routine filled with unfamiliar sights and sounds can cause dogs and cats to become stressed and result in them displaying behaviors that are unwanted and distressing to you. Here are some tips for before and after your new pet's arrival to help them—and you—feel at ease.

Before you bring your new pet home

Use this checklist to help you prepare for adopting a new dog or cat.

  1. Discuss who in the family will help care for the new pet.
  2. Choose where the pet will spend time during those first days.
  3. If you're picking up a dog, consider bringing a collar with a name tag.
  4. When choosing a cat carrier, get one that opens from the top and front.
  5. To help your pet feel safe and comfortable on the car ride home, try using a FELIWAY® wipe on the inside of the carrier or an ADAPTIL® spray on the backseat of the car.

Make your home feel safe and secure for your pet

Use this checklist to get your home ready to be shared with a dog or cat.

  1. Pet-proof your home by restricting access to electrical cords, household chemicals, plants, rugs, blinds, and other breakable or dangerous items.
  2. Hold one last family meeting to lay down the rules. Don't overwhelm your pet the first day by fighting for their attention or introducing them to too many people.
  3. At least 24 hours before you bring your pet home, create a sense of calm and safety by plugging in a FELIWAY® diffuser for Cats or ADAPTIL® diffuser for Dogs in the room where they will sleep and spend most of their time.