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Planning the Perfect Pet Party

Perfect for birthdays, new puppies & kittens, graduation from training school, holidays or just for fun! The way to a fabulous party is the right party foods! You want to celebrate your pet’s special day with foods that are safe, tasty and will have your pet and his/her guests begging for more. Find the right caterer, then get the party started. Here are some key questions to ask before hiring one for your party.

  • What are all the ingredients in a dog/cat birthday cake? (Make sure the cake does not contain chocolate, which is potentially lethal to some dogs. A sweet and safer substitute for dogs is carob).
  • Do any of the recipes contain onions? If so, please omit them. (The sulfur in onions can cause severe anemic reactions in some dogs).
  • Which party foods will I need to keep refrigerated until serving?
  • Which foods will I need to warm up before serving?
  • Do you use all natural foods or do some dishes contain potentially harmful food additives or preservatives?
  • Whenever possible, can you use organic ingredients (foods certified to be free of any harmful pesticides)?
  • What is the number of servings for each prepared dish?
  • What is the number of servings for each prepared dish?

  • Bonus tip: Some pets, just like people, are allergic to certain foods. Before you book the party menu with your pet party caterer, check with the owners of the invited pet guests and ask if any of the pets have certain food allergies or are on any food-restricted diets as prescribed by their veterinarians. Avoid serving those foods at your party. Bone appetite!

    Don't Forget about the Cake!
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    Here are some great products to have at the party or give them out as favors:

    Pet gift ideas

    Books & Gifts

    Gift Certificates

    DogGone Songs Traveling CD

    Premier Kool Dogz Ice Treat Maker

    UVet Sunscreen Lotion UVA/UVB

    Cats are often less sociable and don’t really jive on the party scene, here are some recommendations to keep the party alive:

    Bamboo Play - CatFisher™ Rod & Reel Cat Toy

    Wild Tail Moving Ball with Furry, Floppy Tail

    Kitty Explosion Balls (Per Ball)

    Ba Da Beam Rotating Laser Cat Toy

    Kitty Kaviar

    NEW! Zanies Assorted Cat Toy Mouse