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Poop-Off Mister Bottle for Birds

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The Poop-Off Bird Mister Bottle is the ideal way to provide your bird with much needed moisture to facilitate molting and preening. Most birds love a good misting and all birds can benefit from the moisture that regular misting can provide. This bottle provides an easy way to coat your bird with a light mist to promote natural grooming processes and respiratory health.

The Poop-Off Bird Mister Bottle makes regular misting easy, which works to improve humidity in their habitat and to improve the condition of their skin and feathers. This bottle features a capacity of 16 fluid ounces and can be easily refilled with regular tap water of any temperature to fit suit your birdís exact preference. Order this mister bottle to keep your bird healthy and happy today!

Key Benefits:
  • Provides gentle mist with nozzle on 16 fl oz bottle that can be easily refilled
  • Works with all temperatures standard tap water
  • Made in the USA
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