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Bella, the $50 Black Labrador

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Pet of the Week

Breed  Black Labrador    
Location  Minneapolis, MN    
Human  Lynn B.
Story  Thirteen years ago; Lynn was looking for a black lab to come into her life, after a long wait. A day came where she found a litter of puppies at a shelter nearly two and a half hours from her house. Lynn wasted no time, and quickly loaded up her car with a grocery box, fuzzy purple robe and lots of hope that she would finally be meeting the perfect rescue dog.

“They” say your dog chooses you, and Lynn B is a firm believer. While watching the eight puppies interact; their personalities were showing…shy, rambunctious, talkative, etc. And then there was Bella. At 10 weeks old; she stuffed a blue tennis ball into her mouth, waddled over to me; and plopped the ball down right in front of my lap. She sat back and waited for me to throw it. was love at first sight.

That was it. Lynn was in love. Bella was the best $50 she'd ever spent.

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  • Pet of the Week

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