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Jennie, The Fluffiest Baby Sitter Around

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week
Jennie aka Jennie Girl

Breed  Border Collie and Lab mix   
Location  Old Hickory, TN   
Human Jim B.
Story Jennie came into Jim's life when she was 8 weeks old. He first met her at an adoption event in his local pet store. He hadn't intended to adopt another dog, but when he saw her - he knew she would be a perfect match for the family.

At her vet exam the next day, Jim found out that his sweet new ball of fluff had parvo. The vet wasn't sure if she would make it - but 10 years later, Jennie is as healthy as can be.

Jennie is laid back and always content, unless she sees a deer in the backyard. She still believes she will be able to catch one! This sweet girl takes great care of her younger human siblings too! Just look at those photos. Congrats Jennie for being our Pet Of The Week winner. We are so glad you found a home with such a caring human!

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