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Meet Reese, the Wisconsin Standardbred Mare!

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Pet of the Week
Reese Marie

Breed  Standardbred Horse    
Location  Jefferson, Wisconsin    
Human  Holland Foelker
Story  Reese Marie might be retired, but she is one of the most attractive mares in Wisconsin! She is 11 years old and hangs around with her pasture friend Time Will Fly. As pictured, Reese tolerates Halloween dress up days.

After being retired from the track, Reese was adopted by her human Holland and family. She is trained and has competed in many speed shows including pole bending, flag race, speed and action, two-person relay and barrel racing!

She is one top notch horse, she also knows a few tricks such as hug and kiss. Holland is sure to keep her busy so she stays sharp. Reese is one sweet horse who is very fortunate. Congrats!

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  • Pet of the Week

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