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Rocko, The Chihuahua On A Mission

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Breed: Chihuaha | Location: Frisco, Texas | Human: Amanda L.

Rocko the Chihuahua might be tiny, but he is a pooch with a mission. After her mom was diagnosed with dementia, Amanda met Rocko - who would become her canine companion and supporter. Every day, Amanda would take Rocko to visit her mother at the Memory Care facility in the hospital. He was so popular with the office staff, everyone loved him!

Rocko's loving nature made him the perfect pooch for hospital visits and fantastic support for his human, Amanda. When her mom passed away, Rocko was right by her side to help her cope with the unbearable loss. Amanda is forever thankful for Rocko and the love he provides, calling him "the dog of the century in her book." Congrats to Rocko - thank you for loving each human around you and bringing them joy and support.