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Mux (1/5/09)

Name: Mux
Breed: Black Lab
Submitted by: Dean and Kim L.


Mux will be 3 years old in February 2009. We got him neutered at six months and at eight months he had OCD surgery on the right shoulder. At 10 months he had an obstruction surgery to stomach and intestines (ate his bed). Then at 12 months he was hospitalized with the Corona virus he picked up at a kennel we boarded him at for two nights! Mux then had OCD surgery on his left shoulder at month 14. Finally at 16 months we thought we were home free, but at 18 months he sliced the back of his leg open and had to have surgery to close it up to heal properly. With all this, Mux has constant ear infections. We continually purchase the Cosequin from to help with maintenance of joint problems into the future. Mux is a high maintenance, expensive!, million dollar baby!!!
He is a strong swimmer (great therapy) and is an excellent pheasant hunter!
We love him dearly!

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