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Pet of the Year 2011

2011 Pet of the Year

Rottweiler/ Labrador mix

Gloucester, VA

Richard Willings

Our "rotten Lab" (rottweiler x Labrador) spent the first couple of years of her life as a guard dog in a crack house. When the police raided the place, she was chained in the front of the house. She was evaluated on the spot as being so vicious that they intended to shoot her... READ MORE
Who will be the Winner?

Casey won a $100 gift card plus these goodies from our sponsors:

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Honorable Mention


Whitefish Bay, WI

June Rubner

BELLA means beautiful and that is why I named my kitten Bella. My son, Spenser, and I had gone to our local pet store to pick up some food for our pet bearded dragon lizards, and right next to the counter was a large cage with 2 adorable kittens inside..... READ MORE

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

San Jose, CA

Jenny L.

This is Coby my cuddly Corgi. He is my 4 year old boy darling. Coby is a energetic dog that loves to play all day long with any random Ball or the Otis and Claude Bettie. Usually he doesn't want to play by himself, so when it's time to play he comes towards my husband or me .... READ MORE

Chocolate Lab Retriever


Rubin Family

This is Olivia, a chocolate Labrador Retriever. Olivia has kept me alive and given me back my independence. She is loyal and devoted like most dogs, but is also attentive to my medical needs. She can tell when I am not feeling well and is able to either alert me ... READ MORE

Golden Retriever

Kent, WA

Noel Bowman

Well let me tell you Haley is quite the character. We have never had a pup that is so rambunctious. My friend has nicknamed her "Pupcake." She is a golden retriever who since the day she first saw the newspaper has retrieved it. She also steals the neighbors too, and has been.... READ MORE
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