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Premier Pet

Premier Pet Products

The relationship between you and your pet is a special one. Having a well-trained pet can enhance that relationship and make for a happier home. What deters some pet owners is the sometimes painful and aggressive training products in use. Premier Pet Products understands this and they've introduced a line of innovative pet training and reward products that are safe, gentle, and effective in training your pet.

For dogs, consider the Gentle Spray Bark Collar. Twice as effective as a shock collar, it uses a harmless mist of citronella instead of painful shocks. The Premier Gentle Leader Head Collar can have your dog trained from jumping, chewing and barking in 15 minutes or less. Imagine teaching your dog to sit or stay in one easy lesson! For cats, the “Come with Me Kitty” harness and bungee leash allows you and your cat to spend quality time outdoors. You both can share this time knowing that your cat or kitten is safe and comfortable. These are just some of the innovative and amazing training and rewards products from Premier Pet Products...introducing a safer, less aggressive, yet equally effective way to pet training.