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Prep Your Home for a Kitten in 9 Steps

Welcoming a kitten into your home can be a wonderful moment that changes your life completely. Before you get caught up in her adorable ways, there is much to be done in order to create a safe place for your new feline friend to live. While being a pet owner is loads of fun, it is a big responsibility and lifestyle change. Read on to learn about how to prep your home for your kitten in nine steps. 1. Read, Read, Read Knowledge is power. Read all you can about kittens and cats. Even better, find out your kitten’s breed and learn about the common allergies, diseases and ailments that may affect them. This information can help you prevent serious conditions and can be a factor in determining if you are ready to care for your pet. 2. Prepare the Essentials Now that you’re armed with information, it’s time to gather your kitty supplies. Make sure that everything is ready before your kitten’s arrival. Some of the main essentials include: Food Litter box Litter scoop Bowls for food and water Kitten-safe toys Yes, even toys are important! Kittens are extremely active and playtime is a fun way to strengthen your bond and socialize her. 3. Assign a Safe Space It is recommended to make at least one area totally suitable for your kitten while you are away. Secure this area if you need to leave your kitten unattended and always have fresh water available. 4. Put Away the Fragiles Place fragile items like vases, glass, or sharp items out of reach (or store them away completely). Your kitten may jump and break your favorite statuette and get hurt from the broken shards. 5. Keep Your Toilet Closed This may sound weird, but we’ll tell why. To kittens, the toilet is just a big water bowl and your little one may fall right in trying to get a drink. It can be difficult for tiny kittens to climb out and you can easily prevent the possibility drowning by simply cutting off access. So, remember: keep the toilet lid closed! 6. Choose Cat-Safe Plants Numerous plants are toxic to cats. In addition, anyone who has ever had a cat can tell you that they love to chew on plants. Consider growing cat grass, instead - they have vitamins that can be good for your kitten when she gets older. 7. Secure Doors & Windows Your curious kitten will want to catch butterflies and birds they see while sitting by the window. Make sure that any access to the outside world is secure, not because you’re mean, but because you care. Your kitten may fall from a window and is not yet aware how to deal with cars, animals, or other dangerous situations. There is a popular myth that cats have nine lives, however, we do not recommend you to test it. 8. Hide Your Medication Put medications in places your kitten will not be able to reach. Cats can go crazy when they smell valerian, so imagine how other medicines can damage their health. 9. Buy a Carrier A carrier makes transporting your kitten to your home easy and safe. Moreover, it will come in handy for future travels and visits to the vet (which is at least twice a year for vaccinations). You can help your kitten feel comfortable during these trips by using a carrier. 10. Keep in Mind: Life is Better Inside Numerous studies have shown that outdoor cats live as much as 7 years less than indoor cats. People who think it is cruel to keep cats at home may not know about the number of diseases their cats (and especially kittens) can get outside. Remember that preparing for your kitten is not only a fun and exciting process, but also a very important one. Good luck! Alyssa Johnson is blogger and freelance writer for Eduzaurus whose credo is "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

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