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Prin's Press: A Cat's Guide to Dealing With a New Puppy

Entry #1

Day: One-thousand two-hundred sixty-three. Location: Inside my humanís house. Under the bed in the master bedroom. Current Mood: Melancholy.

Here I am. Hiding under this bed like a rodent, slightly fearful for my life. My humans, oh my humans, what have they done?! They've decided, without consulting me, to bring a new, slobbering beast into this house. A puppy!

This abode, this sanctuary, has exclusively been mine for the last three and a half years. If they feel like my love isnít enough, I must be doing something wrong...

Tomorrowís mission: Extra rubbing against my humansí legs and excessive purring.

For today, I will just stay here and remain out of sight, for they have threatened me that one day I will enjoy the company of this floppy-eared creature! Pure blasphemy. I think they are even going to try to force me to socialize with the pup. ď Play with him," they said, "Itís a good way to become friends." Friends!? Haha, thatís what you think! You might have named me Princess, but my cold black heart refuses to play with such a vile beast... although... I have to admit... I have this weird desire to lay on top of him to see how comfortable he is...

Mental note: Attempt to use new creature as a blanket at some point while he is sleeping.

Entry #2

Day: One-thousand two-hundred sixty-five. Location: Inside my humanís house. Behind the living room sofa. Current Mood: Pensive.

I need to start giving my humans more credit. Earlier today the smellier human carried me into his room and affectionately snuggled me on the bed. Then, when my purr box was on full speed and I had fallen into a slight state of euphoria, the other human (the one who smells like flowers) stealthily brought the new new puppy into the room. I have a feeling that the humans planned this attack together.

Retaliation plan: Wake humans up early tomorrow by walking across their faces.

The puppy wiggled a bit while the female human held him, but eventually he calmed when he realized that she wasnít going to release him. Something happened next that I'm slightly afraid to admit... I donít know what came over me. My curiosity definitely got the best of me this time because, guardedly, I moved closer and gave him a sniff.

Iíve never smelled another creature like this one, and, I know Iíll probably regret saying this later, he didnít smell that bad. Not good. But not bad either.

Well played humans, well played.

Entry #3

Day: One-thousand two-hundred sixty-nine. Location: Inside my humanís house. Laying across the male human's laptop keyboard. Current Mood: Reflective.

What is happening? How can this puppy be growing on me? I'm ashamed to admit this, but I think Iím starting to like him. Curses! I blame it on his ever wagging tail. For some reason, I find myself hypnotized by its continual movementÖ I growing weak, diary.

The humans are smart. They knew that I could not fight my innate curiosity and that I would be unable to resist this adorable... no... what am I thinking?! He'a a VILE, helpless creature.

Side note: Remember to explore the dirt in the houseplant by the couch while the humans are asleep.

The benefit of getting to know the new puppy is that I have been able to quickly learn his weaknesses. If this new creature chooses to betray my trust sometime in the future, I will easily be able to obliterate him.

Oh, by the way, they named him Rufus.