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ProMeris for Cats

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ProMeris for Cats is a unique topical, spot-on medication to treat existing flea infestations and prevent future ones from recurring on your feline friend! This brand is unique because it features the ingredient, metaflumizone.

You may be familiar with popular ingredients like fipronil and s-methoprene, but what’s metaflumizone? Metiflumizone is an emerging ingredient for flea and tick control on pets marketed under the brand ProMeris. This insecticide works quite similarly to the top active ingredients; it also attacks the insects’ central nervous systems. The difference is that it works by blocking their sodium channels. This is an all new action mode to controlling fleas! Sodium channels are essential for movement and activity. When they’re blocked, this will cause paralysis and eventually death to fleas with lasting control for up to 7 weeks!

Aside from the itching and scratching that normally comes with pest infestations, flea bites can cause flea allergy dermatitis in your hypersensitive pets, making the itching even worse! It is believed that the flea saliva is the cause of this sensitivity. If left untreated, your feline will experience hair loss and scabbing due to the extreme scratching of this allergic reaction. The best way to treat this in your pet is to kill those fleas as quickly as possible!

ProMeris includes a convenient and easy to use applicator so you can quickly get the medication to spread on your cat’s body with little to no mess. The fleas will see to their end in absolutely no time and your furry friend will begin to be relieved from their constant itching.

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