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Puppy Toys

There's nothing cuter than a brand new puppy, and it's so much fun to watch them learn and grow. There's definitely a learning curve when you bring home your new bundle of fur, but with the right toys and plenty of playtime, you and your puppy will be best friends in no time. Exercise is crucial for new puppies - they have an incredible amount of energy they need to burn off - and if they don't get enough playtime, they could become destructive, and might take to using your new shoes as a chew toy.

But don't worry - EntirelyPets has you covered. We carry just about every puppy toy under the sun, so you'll find plenty of fun ways to keep your dog physically active and mentally stimulated.

Most dogs love to chew and there is a variety of reasons for this behavior. Puppies who may be teething will find comfort when chewing and dogs also chew to naturally clean their teeth and strengthen their jaws. And it's one activity that's guaranteed to keep them occupied for hours.

Try the KONG Teething Stick for puppies. Its rubber is formulated specifically for teething puppies while its ridges are designed to clean teeth and relieve aching gums.

Create a fun and welcoming environment for your new puppy with our soft and colorful stuffed animal squeak toys. Your puppy will love to surround himself with his new best friends and he'll get a thrill every time his toys squeak. Dogs love to play outside, so you'll want to have plenty of toys at the ready for playing fetch.