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PUREVAX Recombinant FeLV by Merial contains a non-adjuvanted lyophilized suspension of a recombinant vectored feline leukemia vaccine plus sterile water diluent. A canarypox vector has been modified, using recombinant technology, to produce expression of desired antigens capable of stimulating a protective immune response to feline leukemia. Safety and immunogenicity of this product have been demonstrated by vaccination and challenge tests in susceptible cats.

The only non-adjuvanted vaccine which means less inflammation that has been associated with the development of fibrosarcomas. PUREVAX Recombinant FeLV Indications PUREVAX® Recombinant FeLV is recommended for the vaccination of healthy cats 8 weeks of age or older as an aid in the prevention of disease due to feline leukemia virus. Dosage

Aseptically rehydrate the lyophilized vaccine with 1 mL of the accompanying sterile water diluent, and agitate. Administer 1 mL (1 dose) subcutaneously. For primary vaccination, cats should receive two 1-mL dose vaccinations, three weeks apart. Annual revaccination is recommended. Diagnostic testing for FeLV prior to vaccination is recommended.

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Merial Offers New Innovative Feline Leukemia Vaccine
First Companion Animal Vaccine to Use Transdermal Vaccination System

January 5, 2005

Duluth, Ga., — Merial, a world-leading animal health company, announces the introduction of a new, non-adjuvanted feline leukemia vaccine to its PUREVAX® line of vaccines. PUREVAX Recombinant Leukemia vaccine is the first non-adjuvanted, USDA-approved, feline leukemia vaccine that offers the enhanced immune response of the VET JET™ transdermal vaccination system and advanced recombinant vaccine technology.1

"The non-adjuvanted composition of PUREVAX Recombinant Leukemia vaccine reduces the risks associated with adjuvants, such as chronic inflammation and vaccine reactions," says Zack Mills, DVM, executive director of Merial CAGE Veterinary Services, North America. "Although transdermal technology is used in human medicine, Merial is the first to introduce the transdermal vaccination system to companion animal veterinarians."

This new feline leukemia vaccine uses the VET JET transdermal vaccination system to target presentation of vaccine in the dermis, subcutaneous layer and muscle tissues, allowing rapid and comprehensive immunity.

"The VET JET transdermal vaccination system creates a dispersion pattern that deposits vaccine directly into the immune cell rich layers of tissue without using a needle," says Mills. "The broad dispersion enhances the immune response through activation of both humoral and cell-mediated immunity in tissues traditionally bypassed with needle injections. This rapid, targeted presentation of the protective antigen elicits a safe and protective immune response with a low dose of vaccine."

As an added benefit, PUREVAX Recombinant Leukemia vaccine employs canarypox-vectored vaccine technology. This allows the vaccine to mimic natural infection, while taking advantage of the cat's entire immune system and prompting a broad humoral and cell-mediated response.

Merial is a leader in recombinant, canarypox vector technology, including the provision of recombinant vaccines for feline, canine, equine and exotic animals.

Transdermal technology has been successfully used for years in human medicine for the administration of insulin and most recently for human influenza vaccine. For more information on PUREVAX Recombinant Leukemia vaccine or the VET JET transdermal vaccination system