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  5. Rope Preening Swing - Medium (11"x8")


Rope Preening Swing - Medium (11"x8")

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Happy Beaks toys by A&E are high quality toys that encourage your bird's natural instinct to forage and play. These Happy Beaks Toys are proudly made in the USA.

Key Features:

  • Toys offer birds to play which help foster better mental health and independence.Toys will keep your bird alert, happy, and healthy.
  • Created with various veterinarian approved materials that encourage birds to forage and shred. You can add your birds favorite treat for added foraging fun.
  • Made of bird-safe materials so it's great for everyday chewing. Toys made with various materials will also help with beak and nail conditioning.
  • Multicolored round design with shreddable sisal ropes
  • Is also good for swinging or perching
  • Durable construction for extended uses
  • Easily clips to the top of the bird cage
  • Exterior Dimensions: 11"x8"

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