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Rufus Writes: A Dog's Guide to Walking Your Human

Hi everyone, Rufus here! Today I wanted to talk to all my fellow dogs about taking your humans for a walk in honor of National Walk Your Pet Month. Every dog knows that walking your human twice a day is good for your health and theirs. You both get the chance to bond and enjoy the fresh air. As a two year old Bernese Mountain dog, I know from experience that humans sometimes need some advice on walking with us properly. It seems that my humans are constantly learning new things about walking with me! The first step to going for a successful walk is to have the proper gear.

Have the Right Tools

Humans are obsessed with leashes and collars. Maybe they’re afraid they’ll get lost if they’re not attached to us at all times? No matter the reason, your human probably won't want to leave the house without one. Knowing which collar and leash combination works best for you is important, as it changes depending on your size and temperament. If you’re a dog a who is understandably excited about going for a walk, and your human just can’t seem to keep up, your human should try a harness. If you’re a dog who excitedly greets every new person on the street even though your human asks you to take it easy, a sturdy nylon leash is a great choice.

Stop and Sniff the Flowers

Half the goal of a walk is to smell all the great smells and explore unfamiliar territory. When walking with your human, they may forget that we find this part of the walk enriching. Humans forget to smell all the different grasses and don’t understand the need to mark every fire-hydrant on the block. That’s okay! While your human may not enjoy exploring the new smells as much as you, you still need time to experience your environment. This part of the walk is equally important to the other half: exercising.

Lets Get Fit!

Walking isn’t only fun, it’s healthy. Safety first though! It is important to stay hydrated on the walk especially if you like to go for long walks. If you and your human usually go for walks at night, safety becomes especially crucial. Always make sure you and your human are visible to cars. Lastly, being courteous on a walk isn’t difficult, but can often be overlooked. Don’t forget to remind your human to pick up after you if you end up using the doggy- bathroom!

Some humans like to ride a bike instead of walking. Bicycling can be great because it allows you to run alongside and use up your extra energy. If your human likes to do this, they should consider a bike leash. If this is something your human likes to do often, however, this may be tough on your paws. Try out some nifty dog boots that can protect your paws from running on rough concrete.

Walks are pretty amazing, right dogs? Personally, I enjoy laying on my neighbor’s lawns during my walks. Whatever your walk style is, I want you and your human to enjoy them equally. With the help of these tips, we hope you all celebrate National Walk Your Pet Month!

About the Author

Rufus is a two year old Bernese Mountain Dog who enjoys educating fellow dogs on living life with their two legged companions. Rufus has a B.A. in tail wagging from Barkely College; during his time in college he excelled in the “History of Butt Sniffing” and his senior thesis, Am I a Good Boy? The Science of Earning Treats is renowned in the dog community. Rufus lives with four cats who don’t really seem to understand that he just wants to play with them, not eat them! When not writing articles for EntirelyPets, you can find Rufus relaxing on the beach or making friends at the dog park.