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Meet Saidai: A Beautiful Red Merle Aussie (Pet of the Week)

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week photo Breed:Red Merle Australian Shepherd
Location:Ontario, Canada
OwnerCourtney Hoftyzer
Story: Saidai was was born on Septemver 20, 2013. I
was on a waiting list and it felt like forever when I got an e-mail. The day she was born I begged hubby to go and see the puppies. That day I picked her out and called her Saidai... From the day we went to pick her up and take her home she has been very special and has proven herself everyday to me and my family. Saidai has definitely helped fill the void I was missing since my first dog, Luna, passed away.

Saidai knows many tricks and commands. She loves agility tricks and playing ball and Frisbee. If she could, she would spend all summer swimming and all winter pulling my son in his sled.

Saidai Saidai Saidai

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