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From Homeless, To Part Of The Family: Meet Samson!

Pet of the Week
Pet of the Week

Breed  Labrador and Golden Retriever    
Location  Virgina    
Human  Jonathan Belcher
Story  Samson was born at a high-kill animal shelter in a small town in Virginia. Fortunately, it was Jonathan's father that came in and adopted Samson. He then surprised Jonathan with the pooch, and the two were instant friends.

Samson is a huge fan of toys! His favorite toy of all is his squeaky football; he will sit outside of the front door and squeak it until you come back outside, no matter if it's two in the morning or at five in the evening. He has destroyed hundreds of squeaky footballs, but he doesn't know it. His humans keep buying more to replace the destroyed ones, so he still thinks it's the same old football he's always had!

He likes to play with other dogs as well, but sometimes he gets too excited and just can't contain himself, so he has to go get his squeaky football and show the other dogs. He also loves to play tug-o-war. However, he will not play with a regular dog toy; he just can't settle for a normal toy. It has to be an old shirt.

Like all dogs, Samson loves food. His favorite dog snacks are Milkbones and Pupperoni, but his favorite human food is cooked chicken. He can smell chicken from a mile away. If he catches you with your back turned, he will snatch the chicken straight off of your plate. Don't think you can hide it from him, either because he will find it.

Samson has also learned that when the microwave dings there is food in it, so he will stand there and stare at the microwave until you get the food out. If you get it out, but don't give him any, he will walk out into the yard and flop onto the ground and just lay there pouting. What a hoot!

Samson is endlessly loved by his family, and he makes them laugh daily with his silly antics. Jonathan explains that Samson is much more than a pet, he is family. He's adorable no matter what he is doing and can manage to make friends better than most people.

Jonathan and Samson have been together for eleven years, and the two are inseparable! Congrats for being our Pet Of The Week winner Samson!

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