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Anti-Itch & Hot Spot Solutions

From soothing hydrocortisone spray for dogs and cats to calming pet skin shampoo, EntirelyPets has the best selection of hot spot and anti-itch treatments for your favorite furry friends. These sprays, lotions, shampoos and foams contain anti-itch, anti-inflammatory and skin-soothing ingredients that correct skin irritations and encourage quicker healing, resulting in a happy and content pet. Many pet-friendly anti-itch medicines and homeopathic treatments are equipped with special ingredients that help your pets avoid itching and discomfort to prevent the development of hot spots and infections.

Make EntirelyPets your go-to source for effective hot spot treatments for dogs and cats. Hot spots, or acute pyoderma, are frustrating yet common skin lesions that are worsened when a pet scratches, bites or chews. You can safely treat pet hot spots at home with hot spot foam or spray that relieves itchy, irritated skin on contact with soothing additives such as aloe vera, oatmeal and tea tree extract. If you want to treat hot spots the natural way instead of or in addition to steroids or antibiotics prescribed by your vet, pick up low-priced Sentry Hot Spot Remedy from EntirelyPets. These solutions are easy to apply and safe for even the most sensitive animals.

We also have a large selection of pet-friendly anti-itch solutions for dogs and cats suffering from allergies, insect bites and skin irritation. Shop homeopathic anti-itch solutions equipped with all-natural ingredients like organic aloe vera, tea tree oil, lavender or carrot seed or use medical-grade pet anti-itch sprays with hydrocortisone and other safe yet effective itch-relieving ingredients for fast results. We offer top-of-the-line pet skin treatments made by trusted name brands like Sentry, Dr. Goodpet, Fresh n' Clean, Ricky Litchfield, HomeoPet and more at EntirelyPets. Multiple-pet households, clinics, rescues and more may want to take advantage of our pet medicine autoship program to save 10 percent on regular deliveries.