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Skin & Coat Nutritional Supplements

Keep your furry friends soft, silky and in great health with these powerful skin and coat supplements for dogs and cats from EntirelyPets. EPA, DHA, vitamins, zinc minerals and other skin and coat enhancing additives commonly found in fish oil help arm your pet with the components required for comfortable skin and a beautiful coat. Nutrient-laden pet skin supplements can help pets with flaky, dry, itchy skin that occurs as a result of allergies or skin infections. We also carry pet coat enhancing supplements which can aid in alleviating excessive shedding and combating dulling coats - perfect for everyone from beloved family pets to ribbon-winning show dogs. Most cat and dog skin and coat supplements from EntirelyPets are enriched with extra ingredients for overall health.

For decades, pet-owners relied on perishable fish oil and unwieldy topical treatments to improve the quality of their pets' skin and coat. Today, you can get the same benefits of fish oil and other essential nutrients in the form of easy-to-administer soft chews and tablets. These supplements are often enriched with melatonin, which helps to maintain hair retention and encourage a healthy coat and antioxidants to support normal hair cell function. They also have natural extracts such as grapeseed, pumpkin, rosemary and more to provide your pet with the fatty acids and nutrients required to support a normal immune system and combat environmental pollutants that can affect their overall health.

EntirelyPets offers best-selling, pet-friendly skin treatments for dogs, cats and even birds. Choose multi-function products such as 8-in-1 Pet Excel for treating dog skin irritation and coat issues or promote a lustrous, shiny coat while strengthening nails with products such as Thomas Labs Pet-A-Zyme. Choose from easy-to-digest soft chews and tablets or pick up non-irritating pet skin and coat powder that delivers nutrients straight to the source. You can read in-depth reviews left by real customers like you to determine which supplement is best for your pet's specific issues. Make sure to thoroughly read the product label before starting your pet on a new product.