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How Smart Is Your Dog?

Does your Dog recognize you or know the difference between family members?

Knows us all by our name and shoe size

Yes, recognizes us by our face

Anyone with a treat is a family member

No, doesn't bother to get to know anyone

Does your dog respond to his own name?

Yes, comes running right away

Depends who's calling

Only if his name is "Are you hungry"

No, all calls fall on deaf ears

Is your dog able to follow simple commands like sit, stay or fetch?

Yes, all of them and more

Depends, are you giving him a treat?

Never when you really want him to show off in front of your friends

No, he expects you to follow commands like scratch, feed and cuddle

If you throw a ball or a Frisbee, will your dog go fetch it?

Yes, right away and then asks to throw again

He will go fetch, but will always bring back a dead animal or bird

Wants to play go fetch, but will run around in circles or odd directions

No, he just wants to chase the butterflies

What happens when it’s time for dinner or you put his food out?

He knows exactly what time dinner is served, and will wait by his bowl before we serve him

He is more poised, will smell the food first and only eat if it’s to his liking

He'll completely scarf down his food, even before we put it down

Will eat whatever, whenever

How does your dog respond when you get ready to go out without him?

He knows you go to work, he's calm, might even get your purse or keys

Gets anxious, starts pacing near the door and looks at you expectantly

Starts yelping, makes a sad puppy face and thinks you are leaving him forever

Destruction mode – ON!
Starts tearing up the couch, mails, toilet paper etc as soon as you step out.

How does your dog react to strangers?

No worries, he knows they are friends, he might even offer them a friendly paw

Sniffs them all over, tries to judge them

Barks furiously, if he hasn’t already taken a bite out of their pants

Ask the mail man… he knows!

How does your dog react to other dogs?

He is friendly and playful, will tug or nudge them

Growls to show who’s the boss

Sniffs their butts

Not interested, unless its opposite sex

Is your dog potty trained?

He knows how to use the toilet and flush it!
(Stop the quiz, your dog is the canine equivalent of a rocket scientist)

Yes, he can use the crate or brings his leash to go out to do his business

No, he makes sure he goes on the carpet

He eats his own poop!

Does your dog know when he is in trouble?

Yes, so he plays dead when we get home

Of course he didn’t do it, it was the cat!

He pretends like nothing happened and is still happy to see you

Trouble, what trouble? He is the boss of the house