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Solvit Products

Solvit Products

are an amazing array of products to help keep your pet mobile and comfortable. For access and mobility to get in and out of vehicles or other raised surfaces,


offers pet ramps, stairs and lifting aids. If you have an active pet, you know that can become a problem when traveling. Solvit has a selection of in vehicle harnesses, booster seats and barriers. Enjoy the great outdoors with your pet in an assortment of pet strollers, bicycle baskets, and trailers. There is even a trailer conversion kit that utilizes your trailer as a stroller! Solvit also offers an incredible line of Kitty’scape play structures that your cat will love. Create your own as high and large as you choose with Kitty’scapes modular construction. Here you will also find Mr. Herzer’s original line of pet accessories with style. They include wicker residences and feline furniture that are built to last.

Traveling together has never been safer or easier. Pets and pet owners alike love the innovative Solvit line of pet accessories!