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Spunky Pup Alien Flex Plush Toys

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Alien Flex Intergalactic Dog Toy! - from the furthest reaches of outer space arrive the Alien Flex toy line. Materials unknown to man and characters from unexplored planets that come to revolutionize the way your dog plays.

Ghim comes from a satellite moon called Lanope, which orbits Zion, a planet in the outskirts of galaxy Y. Time travels so slow there, that scientists believe Ghim could be a million "earth" years old. His mono-eye sees in 7 dimensions giving him the capability of seeing things years before they actually happen.

  • Protected Squeaker
  • 3 Layered Reinforced Lining
  • Double Layered Stitching
  • Compact Shape
  • Limbs Attached to Body
  • Small Limbs
  • Squeaks
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