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  6. Starmark Edible Treat Rings Chicken Flavor, 3.2-oz


Starmark Edible Treat Rings Chicken Flavor, 3.2-oz

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Elevate your dog's playtime with Starmark Edible Treat Rings in irresistible Chicken Flavor. These treat rings are designed to be used with Starmark toys, such as the FLEXGRIP UFO, enhancing interactive play and turning it into a rewarding experience for your furry friend.

The delicious chicken flavor of the Edible Treat Rings captivates your dog's taste buds, making playtime more enticing and enjoyable. Insert these treat rings easily into compatible Starmark toys for a hassle-free way to provide a flavorful reward.

Beyond the delicious taste, these treat rings contribute to your dog's dental health. The textured surface encourages chewing, providing a gum massage and aiding in teeth cleaning for a healthier smile.

Crafted with safe and high-quality ingredients, Starmark Edible Treat Rings prioritize your dog's well-being. Treat your canine companion to a delightful and flavorful playtime with these chicken-flavored edible rings.

Key Features:

  • Delicious Chicken Flavor: The Edible Treat Rings come in a mouthwatering chicken flavor, enticing your dog and keeping them engaged during playtime.
  • Interactive Play: Designed to work seamlessly with Starmark toys, including the FLEXGRIP UFO, these treat rings enhance interactive play, turning ordinary play sessions into a flavorful and rewarding experience.
  • Easy Insertion: The treat rings are easy to insert into compatible Starmark toys, providing a hassle-free way to add a tasty and enticing reward for your canine companion.
  • Dental Health Benefits: As your dog chews on the Edible Treat Rings, the textured surface helps massage gums and clean teeth, contributing to improved dental health.
  • Made with Safe Ingredients: Crafted with safety in mind, the treat rings are made with high-quality, safe ingredients, ensuring a wholesome and enjoyable treat for your dog.

Useful Information

  • Choose Starmark-Compatible Toys: Select Starmark toys designed to work with Edible Treat Rings, such as the FLEXGRIP UFO. Ensure the toy has designated slots for easy insertion.
  • Insert Treat Rings: Take one Edible Treat Ring at a time and insert it securely into the designated slots of the compatible Starmark toy. The treat ring should fit snugly to prevent it from falling out during play.
  • Present the Toy to Your Dog: Introduce the Starmark toy with the inserted Edible Treat Rings to your dog. Allow them to sniff and explore the toy, creating a positive association.
  • Encourage Playtime: Initiate playtime by rolling, tossing, or presenting the toy to your dog. The enticing chicken flavor of the treat rings will capture their interest, encouraging interactive play.
  • Monitor Play: Supervise your dog during playtime to ensure safe interaction with the Starmark toy. Replace the toy or treat ring if signs of excessive wear or damage are observed.
  • Reward Retrieval: As your dog interacts with the toy, they will discover the Edible Treat Rings. Encourage and praise them when they successfully retrieve the flavorful rewards.
  • Clean as Needed: Periodically clean the Starmark toy and Edible Treat Rings. Wipe down the toy with a damp cloth, and ensure the treat slots are clear of any debris. Do not submerge in water.
  • Rotate Treat Rings: Vary the Edible Treat Rings to keep your dog's interest. Starmark offers a variety of flavors for a diverse playtime experience.
  • Store in a Safe Place: When playtime is over, store the Starmark toy with inserted treat rings in a safe place. This helps maintain the integrity of the toy and prevents unnecessary wear.
  • Enjoy Interactive Fun: The Starmark Edible Treat Rings are designed to enhance interactive play. Enjoy the moments of fun, bonding, and flavorful rewards with your canine companion.


Yes, Starmark Edible Treat Rings are designed to be suitable for a range of dog sizes. However, always monitor your dog during playtime to ensure safe interaction.
Absolutely! These Edible Treat Rings are compatible with various Starmark toys, adding a flavorful twist to interactive play sessions.
The quantity may vary. Please check the product details for the specific pack size. Starmark offers packs with multiple treat rings for prolonged enjoyment.
Yes, Starmark Edible Treat Rings are crafted with high-quality, safe ingredients, making them a wholesome and enjoyable treat for your dog.
Yes, these treat rings are generally safe for puppies. Ensure the treat rings are an appropriate size for your puppy's age and breed, and monitor them during play.
Store the Edible Treat Rings in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Reseal the packaging to maintain freshness.
Starmark Edible Treat Rings are crafted with care, but individual dogs may have sensitivities. Check the ingredients list and consult your veterinarian if your dog has specific allergies.
Absolutely! Mixing flavors can add variety to your dog's playtime experience. Experiment with different combinations to find your dog's favorites.
The treat rings are not meant to be cleaned. If necessary, wipe the Starmark toy with a damp cloth. Replace the treat rings if they become soiled or damaged.
The treat rings are not specifically labeled as biodegradable. Dispose of them responsibly, considering your local waste disposal guidelines.

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