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Urine Odor & Lawn Burn Supplements

There you have it. Your lawn. An vast expanse of endless green with an errant purple violet here and there, adding a touch of color to - well, just a minute now. Where did all of these dead, dried patches of grass come from?

Believe it or not, the high levels of nitrogen in your dog's urine is the culprit, essentially burning spots all over your shared outdoor domain. Your dog doesn't care, but the unsightly spots can be unsightly. At EntirelyPets, we have just the products you need to prevent any further assaults on your lawn.

Certain food supplements in the form of tablets, treats and chews may contain a combination of vitamins and amino acids that helps neutralize the compounds that lend your dog's urine to destruction. High levels of protein in dogs' diets can produce more nitrogen in their urine, which means pH balance can only be achieved through dietary adjustments or supplements. For larger breeds, look for supplements that are specially formulated for them, as bigger dogs are going to make bigger spots.

And if you want your lawn to be green again without having to treat your dog, we have tinted sprays available! It won't wash away and will restore your lawn to a consistent green field. In really troublesome spots, reseeding may be needed.

For particularly pungent urine odors, we suggest using a supplement that controls both burn spots and strong smells. They may help regulate protein digestion in dogs' intestinal tracts, leading to less nitrogen buildup, leading to fewer burns on the lawn, etc. Supplements are also available to support bladder function and maintain and support healthy bacterial balance in your dog's urinary tract.

Consult your veterinarian with any questions relating to your pet's health. If your dog's urine is an unexpected color or consistency, or smells shockingly foul, seek a vet's assistance immediately.