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Sweetwater Nutrition® MaxiDerm EFA

Did you know that the appearance of your dog’s coat is a reflection of his overall health? Help support your dog’s skin and coat with MaxiDerm EFA by Sweetwater Nutrition.

MaxiDerm EFA’s scientific blend is rich with beneficial fatty acids – Omega 3 and Omega 6 (both are “essential” i.e., not produced by the body), as well as Omega 9 (naturally produced). Essential fatty acids play an important role in keeping your canine’s skin and coat healthy. They help heal and prevent itchy, dry skin and can bring out a beautiful shine. MaxiDerm EFA is made with flaxseed oil, fresh sunflower oil, and high quality fish oil processed through cold-pressed technology to help prevent oxidation and retain a natural flavor with optimal nutritional value.

EntirelyPets carries MaxiDerm in convenient softgels and liquid forms in various amounts and sizes:
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