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Talou Is One Malamute You Must Meet!

Pet of the Week Pet of the Week
Breed Malamute
Location Bellingham, Washington
Human Allison H.
Story This Malamute traveled a long way to find his forever home. He began his life in Montana as a stray, eating chickens from the coops behind local houses. Soon after, Talou was brought into the shelter, and found his forever home with Allison in Bellingham, Washington.
Talou is known for making all sorts of funny noises, from howls to snorts, this hilarious dogs loves to express his excitement. His favorite thing is to play with his toys and he gets extremely excited when he gets a new one! He loves to toss his toys in the air and pounce on them. He will also try to bury his toys in his mom's bed, or under his own bed. When Talou isn't playing with his toys he enjoys hiking in the mountains! From stray to sweetheart, this Malamute is one happy pooch!
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