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Taste Deterrents

Taste deterrents have multiple uses; they're great for keeping your pets from chewing on furniture, getting into the garbage cans or nibbling on shoes and anything else they may claim as their own. But these sprays are also extremely helpful if your pet is injured and can't stop licking his wounds. Not only will his wound not heal properly if he's constantly licking it and continuing to spread germs - he also risks damaging the stitches and bandages that are protecting his wound.

Our selection includes everything from sprays and creams to a bandage cover that delivers a mild electric stimulus when your pet licks it, so whether your pet is licking because he's mildly irritated, or you've tried everything you can to prevent his excessive licking, you'll find your solution at EntirelyPets. If you know your pet is going in for surgery, it's a good idea to have one of these taste deterrents on hand, since you won't be sure just how he'll react once he gets home.

Some dogs and cats lick themselves excessively because they're anxious or bored or because they have an undiagnosed allergy. This behavior can lead to something called "lick granulomas," which is a patch of raised rubbery skin that results from constant licking. We carry Nurtured Pets Anti-Lick Strip Prevent Bandages, an easy way to both cover the granuloma and prevent your dog from licking the affected area, thanks to cayenne pepper, lemon and oregano. StopLik Deterrent Aid, which goes directly over your pet's bandage, is another popular product that helps your pets to keep their mouths off of the wounds. StopLik protects both the wound and the bandage by delivering a mild electric stimulus any time your pet licks it.

Browse our taste deterrents to find the one that will work best with your pet.