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Test Kits for Pets

If your pet is suffering from certain symptoms, you may want to purchase a pet test kit or monitoring system to help guide you towards an early-stage diagnosis. EntirelyPets offers a huge selection of test kits for dogs and cats, ranging from essential pet diabetes tests and blood glucose monitoring kits that help you treat and detect canine and feline diabetes to pet pregnancy tests that will help you determine if you've got a litter on the way. These kits are an easy way to ensure that you're caring for your pet in the best possible way, so you can ensure many more years of companionship.
Test kits for dogs, including kits that will help you test for canine parvovirus, coronavirus, pregnancy, ovulation, heartworm, diabetes, kidney failure, urinary tract infections (UTI) and other conditions in the comfort of your own home. These easy-to-use kits are designed for pet and owner ease and allow you to get in-depth information on your dog's health using a small feces, blood or urine sample. We also have a huge selection of dog blood glucose monitoring systems for pups who have been diagnosed with or are showing early signs of canine diabetes as well as dog breed DNA kits to help you learn more about your mixed-breed or rescue. We also offer a broad selection of test kits for cats, including at-home feline leukemia virus (FeLV) test kits, feline pregnancy tests, diabetes tests and kits to test for heartworm, ovulation, kidney problems and more. Pick up an easy-to-use cat urine collection aid from Kit4Cat to easily collect three feline urine samples with no fuss. EntirelyPets is happy to offer a time- and money-saving autoship program that lets you save 10 percent when you sign up for recurring shipments. This is especially useful for clinics, veterinarian offices, animal hospitals, breeders and more who need to keep a regular stock of pet health and wellness products.