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The Secret Life Of Pets

Is anyone else getting excited for The Secret Life of Pets to hit the theaters? Get ready to laugh, as this fun and quirky animation tells the story of pets and what they think and do when their humans aren’t home.

Meet Max: The pampered Terrier Mix. Max loves his human Katie, hates sharing the bed, and is slightly obsessed with tennis balls.

Meet Duke: Duke is one massive mutt! Katie saves this big guy from the pound to join the family alongside Max. Duke LOVES hot dogs, hates cars and enjoys sitting on his brother any opportunity he gets.

Meet Chloe: Most of us know at least one cat that loves herself just a bit too much. Well, say hello to Chloe. Chloe can be found eating. And when we say eating, we mean eating EVERYTHING!

Meet Buddy: Has anyone else had a sarcastic Dachshund in their lives? This hotdog loves getting his back scratched and hates the mailman. You can find him chasing butterflies when he isn’t using the blender as a backscratcher.

Meet Mel: This pug is known for being Dopey, but is secretly a lady killer. He really doesn’t like squirrels… but he loves peanut butter!.

Meet Sweetpea: The budgie on a mission. Did you just take your car to the wash? Then it’s best to avoid this budgie, he has excellent aim.

Say Hello to Gidget: Gidget is 50% fluff and 110% tough. Gidget likes watching television, but not nearly as much as she loves Max. We are excited to see this budding love unfold!

Meet Snowball: Did anyone say bunny? Snowball is a little bunny with a big personality! He loves carrots like most bunnies, but has a temper to go along with his cuteness. And we forgot to mention… Snowball’s guilty pleasure is world domination.

Meet Leonard: Though he might look like a sophisticated Poodle, Leonard loves to rock out to punk. Yes we said it. Meet Leonard, the Punk Lovin’ Poodle.

With characters like these, how can we not be excited for the release of this pet-tastic film? Have you ever caught your pet doing something strange when left at home? We know we’ve snuck in on ours! Don’t Miss out on the Secret Life of Pets, coming to theaters July 8th!

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