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Thornell Odor Products utilize innovative chemistry to permanently remove the strong scents left behind by pets and other animals.  Whether you're seeking to reduce the stench of unhygienic upholstery or to remove malodor from your pet's wet coat, Thornell produces the solutions you need to breathe easy.

So what sets Thornell apart from other brands? The Thornell Corporation has been in business since 1980 and operates as a family business that only produces odor-control products. This allows them to focus on the quality of their products, which utilize a proprietary formulation developed at Cornell University in the late 1970s.

Due to this ingenious chemistry, these products are safe, easy to use, and economical. Most importantly, Thornell products WORK. Rather than mask malodors with citrus fragrance or apply enzymes to combat these odors, each Thornell product permanently eliminates malodors instantaneously. Find Thornell odor control products to meet your needs at unbeatable prices here at EntirelyPets!

Thornell Odor Products Are:

  • Safe - nontoxic, nonirritating, noncarcinogenic, noncorrosive, nonflammable and biodegradable. Can be used safely on any surface including directly on the pet.
  • Easy to use - apply directly to the source of the malodor and allow to dry - that's all!
  • Economical - indefinite shelf life in all forms - ready-to-use and diluted concentrate
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