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Thundershirt Reviews

Many of the signs are subtle: a raised paw, a tail tucked between hind legs, lowered ears- others are unmistakable; incessant barking, inappropriate urination, and biting are recognized by most people as signs that a dog is anxious. Anxiety in canines can cause all sorts of unwanted behaviors and can be triggered by a wide variety of stimuli and circumstances. Thunder storms, fireworks, and isolation are just some of the causes of stress in dogs.

No matter the cause, this stress can make life unpleasant for both you and your animal. Though there are many ways to reduce the fear and apprehension of anxious pets, only one way instantly reduces anxiety with a stylish garment that noticeably improves behavior in over 80% of pets. The Thundershirt is a veterinarian-recommended solution to anxiety that is used by dog trainers and other professionals across the nation.

The Thundershirt works to calm pets by applying a low but constant pressure to your animalís torso, which provides a sense of comfort to your dog. This simple method has worked to calm hundreds of thousands of pets and is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety- but donít take our word for it, just listen to what these real customers had to say!

When calming medications arenít an option for your pet, Tuff reassures pet owners everywhere that the Thundershirt provides an effective alternative:

"My dog is older and very nervous when it comes to thunder. He is already on meds for other problems and did not want to add anymore. I was desperate to find relief for him and us. I have used this vest a few different times (no thunder yet). It is great!! He calms down enough to relax. I would recommend this vest."

Tuff's situation reminds us that there are options available for pet owners who can't change their pet's diet to deal with stress- but for those that are concerned about its efficacy during the thunderstorms for which it's named, MaryAnnís experience is sure to put you at ease:

"This is nothing short of a miracle. My 12 year old dog has been terrified of thunder storms, heavy rain, and of course very loud noises such as fireworks. The day the Thunder shirt arrived we were expecting a heavy rain in the evening. My husband and I got KC out of he closet where she was already hiding and put the shirt on her. The transformation was unbelievable. She still panted a lot but laid on the dog bed at our feet and was quite content in spite of the storm! A blessing for KC and us."

For those who are still skeptical, this review from JfromCA who was similarly wary about the shirt should help make you a believer:

"After reading many reviews regarding this product, we purchased it for our 68 lb dog, a ten year old male, who every year had to receive prescription sedation due to the fireworks. No more sedation. Seems too good to be true, but it isn't. This thundershirt works well in lightning storms as well. We kept the packaging and receipt as we were convinced we would return the shirt, now, we'll fight ya to keep it...well, almost. Try it, you'll go from skeptic to believer too. It works!"

JfromCAís experience was simply amazing. But itís not the only exceptional story these shirts have produced and thunder storms arenít the only times that these shirts can come in handy. Just check out this review from KP to see how the Thundershirt has helped her dog through a variety of trying times:

"About 3 yrs ago, my older (now 12) Brittany started being a terrible traveler. She would circle, try to dig thru the carpet, pant and shake whenever we put in in the car - whether for 10 minute trips or 10 hr trips. We were having to sedate her with Benadryl if we had to travel any distance. I dislike sedating her, especially at her age, so I was hoping for a miracle. I followed the shirt instructions to the letter. After I got it on, we took our usual mile walk, and then I put her in the car for a short trip to get coffee.

"Instead of her usual reaction of panting, shaking and digging - she walked to the back of the car and then lay down - as calm as could be! It hasn't all been perfect - I've had an 2 incidents where she did her shaking - but after giving her a treat - she was good. She is very comfortable in the Thundershirt - doesn't try to take it off or bite at it. We went to the vet for a checkup and the vet asked me how it was going with the Thundershirt and I said I would highly recommend it. At least give it a try."

Stress can be a real burden to your pup. Don't rely on sedatives to keep your pooch under control- Order the Thundershirt for your pup today!