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Thomas Pet Terra-Septic Drops

Terra Septic Drops is an eye and ear formula that helps support the normal healing process without harming tissues of the eyes or ears. By utilizing silver solution, this pH neutral formula combats bacteria and works in a targeted manner to help return ear and eye functions back to normal.

Ear and eye challenges are no fun; not for the dog or cat that suffers from them and certainly not for the owner who is supporting the pet. Thatís why Thomas Labs has stepped in with Terra Septic, a professional strength, pH neutral eye and ear formula aimed at safely promoting the normal healing process while leaving the healthy tissue undamaged.

By utilizing silver solution as the key ingredient, Terra Septic combats bacteria and works to return ear and eye functions back to a normal level. Eye and ear irritations are always a burden for pets and their owners, but Terra Septic from Thomas Labs can help make that burden a little lighter.

  • A Non-Toxic Ear and Eye Drop for Dogs and Cats
  • Supports the Bodyís Natural Ability to Fight Bacteria
  • Promotes the Normal Healing Process
  • Does Not Harm Healthy Tissue