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Top 5 Things Your Cat's Home Should Have

1. Litter Box:
Make sure that itís large enough for your cat to be comfortable. Have a box for each cat in your home. Keep it clean with fresh litter and away from food. Nature's Miracle Litter Treatment keeps your litter clean and odorless. The litter box should be kept in a spot that offers your cat some privacy yet is also conveniently located.

2. Scratching Post: Train your cat to scratch on a post or hemp rug instead of on furniture. Scratching posts are also essential to cats for needed exercise and stress relief. Cats love and need a variety of surfaces and planes, so scatter a few throughout the house.

3. Toys: Playing with your cat is essential for bonding, weight control, and for helping your cat develop muscle tone, agility, and stamina. Buy toys that lets your cat mimic hunting behaviors like fishing, pouncing, and chasing. Check out our selection of Cat Toys.

4. Grooming Tools: Groom your cat; it is a great way for the two of you to bond. Keep brushes, flea combs, and nail clippers on hand. Grooming also stimulates your cat's blood circulation, removes loose hair, and ensures that there is no knotting or matting of the coat. Grooming also prevents hairballs from developing. Check out our slection of Grooming Products.

5. Cat Grass: Plant indoor pots so your cat can graze on it. Eating grass can help your cat get rid of hairballs, relieve inflammation of the throat, and ease stomach aches. The Chia Cat provides you with a sweet oat and wheatgrass mix that's easy to grow and your cat is sure to love!