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Top Mascots

School tradition and pride have an overwhelming effect on the player, teams and also communities. Loyal pets have a big part to do with tradition and have been there from the beginning. Mascots traditionally have been around from the start of organized gaming. A mascot can be a person, animal, or any object thought to bring good luck to a group. College teams pride themselves on their mascots and a lot use the representation of a furry friend to demonstrate the camaraderie between the team and the school. Here’s a look at some famous college pet mascots.
The University of Colorado has the most unique mascot of all College sports. Ralphie the live Buffalo runs on the field before the start of a game while players come out of the tunnel and also after halftime. The original Buffalo first appeared in 1934 and has been a school tradition ever since.
UGA is the name of Georgia Bulldogs mascot. The English bulldog not only attends all home games but also attends most away games and also University related functions. The Bulldog tradition started in 1956 and is still a big part of school tradition today.
In 1892 in Auburns first football game against the University of Georgia the eagle broke away from his owner and began to circle the field. As the aged eagle circled the field and fans got excited Auburn marched to victory.
In 1931 the first mixed-breed dog was introduced to Texas A&M University. Reveille was named the official when she led the band onto the field during their halftime show. Reveille II was a full breed Collie and still is today.
USC has had many mascots prior to 1961. Unofficial horse mascots have been on the sidelines since 1927, but none of these mascots remained permanent. Traveler was recognized in 1961 at a Rose Parade. USC’s event coordinator spotter traveler and after conferring with USC officials convinced the owner to ride the horse during all USC football games.
With Florida being home to millions of alligators it was only right that the mascot be a “gator”. The University of Florida adopted the Gator as a mascot in 1911. A live gator was once the mascot of the gators prior to the 1970’s. Now Albert and Alberta make appearance at most University of Florida sporting events.
Mike the tiger might be the most intimidating mascot of all College sports. The first tiger was purchased from Little Rock Zoo be collecting 25 cents from each student for a total of $750.00. Mike the tiger was introduced in 1936. Mike waits in his cage outside of the opponent locker room to add a little extra intimidation before home games.