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Top Pet Stories of 2008

1. Prince Chunk
An extremely robust kitty ended up at a New Jersey shelter and caught the eye of many around the United States. This 44 pound kitty by the name of “Prince Chunk” got phone calls from all around the US offering him a new home. Prince Chunk found a home close to by the Camden County Animal Shelter.
2. New Puppy in the White House

Everybody knows that Obama promised his daughters a new puppy when and if elected into the White House. Now President – Elect Obama has announced that they will be getting a hypoallergenic shelter dog- "a mutt, like me" Obama later stated.

3. The Devilish Cat

An Illinois couple, Valerie and Ted Rock, came home with a little kitten that was 8 weeks and also had a little extra on it. The kitten they brought home had a total of four ears. Two of the ears were normal but it also had 2 extra ears making it look like a devil. They named the cat Yoda and it instantly became an instant hit on the web.

4. The Walking Dog

This dog really proves that anything can be done. This puppy was born with deformities and was unable to walk because of no front legs. Her owner Caity Stringfellow named her dog Faith and taught Faith how to walk upright like a human. Now that really is a lot of faith.

5. Buddy the 911 Dog

Buddy made headline all across the US when saved his owners life. His owner Joe Stalnaker taught his service dog how to call 911 if he was ever to go into a diabetic coma. Buddy called 911 and barked loudly until help was sent.

6. Puppies Save Little Boy

Nobody could forget the heartwarming story of the little boy who survived 21 hours in the freezing cold weather by the warmth of his puppies. Jaylynn Thorpe, 3, wandered away from his baby sitter and ended wandering a mile in the dark and even across a highway. Searchers later found him sitting next to a tree cuddled with his puppies.

7. A Little Help

Three Chihuahuas named Pablo, Carmen, and Venus without front paws received a little helping hand and some heavy duty aluminum wheel carts so that they can enjoy cruising the great outdoors like the rest of us.

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